Fonda won the " Global Top 100 Semiconductor Lighting Demonstration Projects" in 2019

On November 25th, the 16th China International Semiconductor LightingForum and the 2019 International Third Generation Semiconductor Forum were heldin Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The secretary general of ISA madea report on the ISA2019 work and announced the top 100 projects of globalsemiconductor lighting demonstration. Fonda Tech won the 2019 ISA "GlobalTop 100 Semiconductor Lighting Demonstration Projects" for its 61,000smart lighting grid construction projects in Saudi Riyadh.

Began in 2012, "Global Top 100 Semiconductor Lighting DemonstrationProjects", whose expert review team composed of senior experts from theglobal semiconductor lighting R&D, design, engineering, technology andproduct fields, has selected 73 outstanding semiconductor lightingdemonstrations projects worldwide. It aims to show the comprehensive effects ofits unique design, high-quality products and excellent construction throughglobal excellent engineering models, and promote the features and advantages ofsemiconductor lighting. 

Riyadh is the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia, with a populationof more than 6 million. As a garden city, Riyadh is brightly lit at night. Theaward-winning Riyadh Smart Lighting Grid construction project has more than60,000 street lights remotely controlled in City Smart Lighting ManagementPlatform powered by Zhejiang Fonda Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to standardlamp control functions, Fonda Tech developed customized functions such as alarmsettings, which enabled the refined management of street lights and energyreduction with up to 30%. With the development of LED technology, the project was upgraded to LEDstreet lights + ZigBee lamp controller + concentrator solution, furtherreducing energy consumption with up to 70%.

This is the second consecutive year that Fonda Tech has been awarded the honorof "Global Top 10 Semiconductor Lighting Demonstration Projects". Thecompany's project cases include Jiaxing, Sanya, Australia, Germany, Egypt,South America, Switzerland, Dubai, and Eastern European countries. Inlarge-scale smart city projects such as Jakarta in Indonesia, Jiaxing in China,and Yinchuan in China, we have successfully achieved more than 50,000single-lamp intelligent management in a single project. As partner of Huawei,ZTE, Alibaba, Panasonic , Cisco, China Telecom and China Mobile, we will continueto focus in the field of smart lighting control with our long-term industryexperience, leading the development of the industry.